6 04, 2018

Bycatch Reduction / Catch Efficiency Workshops

2018-04-06T09:28:49+00:00 April 6th, 2018|Innovation|

Australia’s prawn fisheries’ ongoing commitment to a more targeted and efficient catch is not just better for the industry’s profitability but earns it respect amongst the community. As part of a national project to explain and adapt techniques for bycatch reduction and improved catch efficiency in each fishery, three workshops have been held so far [...]

6 04, 2018

Bycatch Reduction Devices

2018-04-06T09:16:14+00:00 April 6th, 2018|Innovation|

The Kon’s Covered Fisheyes BRD was scientifically trialled in the NPF in 2016 and demonstrated almost 40% reduction in small bycatch with no prawn loss. During this coming season, the NPF is trialling modified covered fisheyes and different BRD configurations to further improve bycatch reduction technology in the NPF. […]

15 02, 2017

Catch Innovation Kon’s Covered Fisheyes

2017-04-27T00:43:37+00:00 February 15th, 2017|Innovation|

Kon’s Covered Fisheyes installed in the net of a vessel in the Northern Prawn Fishery has reduced bycatch by up to 40%, with less than 2% prawn loss and is set to halve on-board processing time. Skipper Jamie Ball, who trialled it in June and November, tipped it as having the same far reaching [...]