Ben Hale, Love Australian Prawn campaign manager

Ben Hale, Love Australian Prawn campaign manager presenting at QSMA Seafood Marketing Symposium

A number of ACPF members participated in the Seafood Industry Australia (SIA)-led workshop on 27th September to develop a ‘Pledge’ to grow community acceptance of the Australian seafood industry.

SIA will road test the Pledge across the industry in 2019. SIA’s Pledge is aimed at identifying issues of importance and providing a commitment to the community to uphold industry and community values.

While SIA’s Pledge was enjoying profile, the ACPF celebrated the profile given to Ben Hale and the Love Australian Prawns campaign at the QSMA’s Seafood Marketing Symposium on 28th September. Ben used the social media content of the LAP to demonstrate inside mechanics of how social media can be used by the seafood industry to reach the Australian community.