6 04, 2018

Bycatch Reduction / Catch Efficiency Workshops

2018-04-06T09:28:49+00:00 April 6th, 2018|Innovation|

Australia’s prawn fisheries’ ongoing commitment to a more targeted and efficient catch is not just better for the industry’s profitability but earns it respect amongst the community. As part of a national project to explain and adapt techniques for bycatch reduction and improved catch efficiency in each fishery, three workshops have been held so far [...]

6 04, 2018

Bycatch Reduction Devices

2018-04-06T09:16:14+00:00 April 6th, 2018|Innovation|

The Kon’s Covered Fisheyes BRD was scientifically trialled in the NPF in 2016 and demonstrated almost 40% reduction in small bycatch with no prawn loss. During this coming season, the NPF is trialling modified covered fisheyes and different BRD configurations to further improve bycatch reduction technology in the NPF. […]

6 04, 2018

National Seafood Industry Leadership Program

2018-04-06T12:27:32+00:00 April 6th, 2018|ACPF|

Congratulations to NPFI Project Officer, Adrianne Laird and Spencer Gulf fisher, Ashley Lukin who were successful candidates for the 2018 National Seafood Industry Leadership Program (NSILP) and as recipients of ACPF’s People Development program $3,000 bursary. ACPF looks forward to Adrianne and Ashley’s leadership journey through NSILP 2018.

6 04, 2018

Love Australian Prawns campaign – April Update

2018-04-06T09:37:37+00:00 April 6th, 2018|Love Australian Prawns Campaign|

Months away from the close of the 2017-18 LAP campaign, the campaign has only a few items left to deliver. Highlights of new items in the market over summer are: Click to watch the video Tasty style how to cook videos being stagger-released on the Love Australian Prawns Facebook page, with one video [...]

6 04, 2018

Prawn Import Risk Assessment Review

2018-04-06T14:01:34+00:00 April 6th, 2018|Market|

The release on 27 March 2018 of the Department of Agriculture & Water’s (DAWR) Biosecurity Advice begins the two year process of reviewing Australia’s Import Risk Assessment (IRA) protocols for prawns. The Biosecurity Advice calls for science and evidence-based submissions into the importation of prawns.  The outcomes of this review will have a significant bearing [...]

6 04, 2018

Sustainable Seafood Week

2018-04-06T13:50:03+00:00 April 6th, 2018|Market|

Australia’s first Sustainable Seafood Week was celebrated across Australia from 12 - 18 March.  Sustainable Seafood Week is a new, week-long opportunity to celebrate Australia’s seafood industries and the well-managed, sustainable fisheries that supply our favourite fish and crustaceans. ACPF members participated in events in locations such as Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Byron Bay. Image: ACPF [...]

6 04, 2018

Christmas and Easter Markets

2018-04-06T06:30:43+00:00 April 6th, 2018|Market|

The Christmas and Easter markets for Australian prawns were lively, with producers experiencing strong demand and good prices for prawns all around the country at both peak buying periods. It was great to see consumer confidence and demand for Australian prawns after a rocky 2017. Market expectations for both domestic and export markets are high, [...]

21 12, 2017

National Seafood Industry Leadership Program (NSILP) 2018

2017-12-21T06:40:48+00:00 December 21st, 2017|Research|

ACPF is nominating two candidates from the wild catch prawn industry for consideration to participate in the 2018 National Seafood Industry Leadership Program as part of ACPF’s People Development program.  If successful, nominees are supported with a $3,000 bursary to attend the 3 residentials in 2018.

21 12, 2017

Market 2017

2017-12-21T06:40:36+00:00 December 21st, 2017|Market|

Heading into Christmas 2017, we see demand for wild catch Australian prawns as strong as ever, having weathered White Spot closures in SE Qld, seemingly overcome the “wait and see before buying again” concern of 1 in 20 Australians in July in response to White Spot, and surviving the recommencement of prawn importation in July 2017. The [...]

21 12, 2017

INTO 2018

2017-12-21T06:40:08+00:00 December 21st, 2017|ACPF|

2018 is shaping up to be another busy year for the ACPF and we look forward to working with you all again to further the interests of the ACPF and its members in the coming year. Key activities will include the LAP campaign branching into the food service sector, extension on bycatch and energy efficiency [...]