14 07, 2018

SeSAFE Project

2018-07-14T16:58:32+10:00July 14th, 2018|ACPF|

The SeSAFE project commenced in March 2018. It is funded by the FRDC, AMSA, and the commercial fishing industry. This initiative aims to raise safety awareness and improve safety performance in the Australian fishing and aquaculture industry. It also aims to increase awareness of Workplace Health and Safety Law relevant to the industry and clarify [...]

14 07, 2018

Prawn Fisher Exchange

2018-07-14T16:34:39+10:00July 14th, 2018|ACPF|

The Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries (ACPF) provides up to $4000 to a fisher to investigate a problem (eg bycatch solutions, on-board processing, community acceptance/social license, etc) as part of ACPF’s People Development budget. ACPF is calling for fishers who have a prawn fishing problem to solve by Travelling to another prawn fishery, or another [...]

14 07, 2018

Catch Innovation THYson board by Thyborøn Trawldoor

2018-07-14T15:07:19+10:00July 14th, 2018|Innovation|

A new otter board design from Danish company Thyborøn Trawldoor has been developed specifically for the prawn trawling industry. Test results showing a 10-20% fuel efficiency saving over the Bison board. The new board "THYson" has been tested/evaluated in both Danish and Australian flume tanks. It has had limited use (1-2 months) on NZ scampi gear [...]

14 07, 2018

Prawn Importation Risks

2018-07-14T14:39:23+10:00July 14th, 2018|ACPF|

In June the Australian Government announced increased prawn importation requirements, clamping down on importer avoidance in the cooked and breaded, battered and crumbed (BBC) categories. Cooked prawns are to be subject to random seals intact inspections. The Government has proposed that BBC prawns are to be par-cooked from September. These tightening of prawn import loopholes [...]

14 07, 2018

Australian Prawn Price Trend 2018

2018-07-14T13:35:31+10:00July 14th, 2018|Love Australian Prawns Campaign, Market|

MARKET NEWS Australian prawn prices are continuing their upward trend since the start of Love Australian Prawns in 2013 (1,2). With prices increasing by around 20% in the first 3 years of Love Australian Prawns (1) demand has increased in the higher income, no children households. 41.5% of prawns were consumed by high income households [...]

6 04, 2018

Bycatch Reduction / Catch Efficiency Workshops UPDATE

2018-10-18T10:59:33+10:00April 6th, 2018|Innovation, RD&E|

UPDATE: 14 July 2018 Australia’s prawn fisheries’ ongoing commitment to a more targeted and efficient catch is not just better for the industry’s profitability but earns it respect amongst the community. As part of a national project to explain and adapt techniques for greater bycatch reduction and improved catch efficiency in each fishery, seven workshops [...]

6 04, 2018

Bycatch Reduction Devices

2018-04-06T09:16:14+10:00April 6th, 2018|Innovation|

The Kon’s Covered Fisheyes BRD was scientifically trialled in the NPF in 2016 and demonstrated almost 40% reduction in small bycatch with no prawn loss. During this coming season, the NPF is trialling modified covered fisheyes and different BRD configurations to further improve bycatch reduction technology in the NPF. […]

6 04, 2018

National Seafood Industry Leadership Program

2018-04-06T12:27:32+10:00April 6th, 2018|ACPF|

Congratulations to NPFI Project Officer, Adrianne Laird and Spencer Gulf fisher, Ashley Lukin who were successful candidates for the 2018 National Seafood Industry Leadership Program (NSILP) and as recipients of ACPF’s People Development program $3,000 bursary. ACPF looks forward to Adrianne and Ashley’s leadership journey through NSILP 2018.

6 04, 2018

Love Australian Prawns campaign – April Update

2018-04-06T09:37:37+10:00April 6th, 2018|Love Australian Prawns Campaign|

Months away from the close of the 2017-18 LAP campaign, the campaign has only a few items left to deliver. Highlights of new items in the market over summer are: Click to watch the video Tasty style how to cook videos being stagger-released on the Love Australian Prawns Facebook page, with one video [...]

6 04, 2018

Prawn Import Risk Assessment Review

2018-04-06T14:01:34+10:00April 6th, 2018|Market|

The release on 27 March 2018 of the Department of Agriculture & Water’s (DAWR) Biosecurity Advice begins the two year process of reviewing Australia’s Import Risk Assessment (IRA) protocols for prawns. The Biosecurity Advice calls for science and evidence-based submissions into the importation of prawns.  The outcomes of this review will have a significant bearing [...]