Kaj Christensen, Managing Director & Partner of KM Fish Machinery, Denmark will be visiting Australian fisheries in October and advising of onboard processing efficiency options.

A three year long project aiming to help fishers to improve on-board processing and packaging efficiency is set to begin. Using a range of different vessel sizes and processing configurations, the project aims to:

  • trial electronic chain traceability to help reduce chain substitution,
  • trial alternatives to meta, and
  • trial automated and consumer driven packaging and/or processing options with interested fishing businesses.

The project is being led by Curtin University, assisted by QDAF and funded by the Fight Food Waste CRC, the FRDC and the ACPF. As part of its first stage, international expertise will advise where, and with what types of equipment, vessels could improve efficiencies.

About KM Fish Machinery

KM Fish Machinery is one of the leading suppliers of complete shrimp and fish handling systems for installation on board fishing trawlers and in land-based factories. For over 40 years, KM Fish Machinery has been in the business of machinery and total solutions for prawns and cold-water shrimp onboard and onshore, delivering over 250 prawn graders worldwide as single machines or in total solutions from Denmark to Australia.

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